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The county budgeting process is under way! Los Angeles Board of Supervisors approved the recommended budget for FY 2015-16 and will be holding a public budget hearing on Wednesday, May 13th.

This hearing is critical.

Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department is requesting a total of $4 billion in this year’s budget. They want to add 2,000 positions to the department to increase policing on Metro, in the courts, streets, and jails. As Angelenos endure blow after blow from the violence policing inflicts on communities, it is scandalous that the County recommends hiring hundreds of new deputy sheriffs.

We also see a disproportionate amount of money going to more cages and not enough dollars for comprehensive diversion programs. $167.2 million is earmarked for county jail expansion despite steady reductions in the imprisoned population. Two-thirds of it will go towards building 1,616 new cages for women at the Mira Loma Detention Center that is full of toxic, environmental problems and related health risks.

We need to continue to demand for responsible spending on sustainable solutions. We need to invest in real solutions to public safety, long-term housing, job training, education, mental health care, not more of the same failed policies that harm our community.

Join us as we call on our newly-elected leadership to say NO MORE JAILS, NO MORE COPS!

What: Los Angeles Public Budget Hearing
When: Wednesday, May 13, 2014 at 8:30 am
Where: 500 W. Temple Street., Room 381B, Los Angeles, CA 90012

New to public hearings? Join us for spokesperson training on Sunday, May 10th from 9am – 12pm at the women’s jail in Lynwood (11705 Alameda St., 90059). Come meet us and our allies for a Mother’s Day event with music and creative ways to engage in the jail fight!

Together we will demand Los Angeles to make deep-rooted investments in the health and sustainability of our city!  

Thanks and peace,

 Diana Zuñiga
Interim Statewide Coordinator
Californians United for a Responsible Budget

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