Victory in Sacramento! Bringing us closer to our long term goal

We’ve done it, Supporter!

All of CURB’s sponsored bills passed in the Senate and Assembly Public Safety Committees thanks in large part to the powerful testimonies from CURB member organizations and the hundreds of people who tweeted their support.

California representatives received over 750 tweets from supporters like you! 

The bills will be moving forward to the appropriations committee where the price tag of each bill will be determined. We’ll be sure to keep you in the loop on more ways to support the fight to reduce the prison population and reinvest money into the communities that need them most.

As a reminder for those interested in following the corrections budget, you can tune in every Wednesday at 1:30pm to watch the Assembly Budget Subcommittee hearing on Public Safety. And every Thursday at 9:30am, you can listen to the Senate Budget Subcommittee hearings on Public Safety.

Thanks and peace,

Diana Zuñiga
Interim Statewide Coordinator
Californians United for a Responsible Budget

P.S., Join us on April 27th in Sacramento for formerly imprisoned people’s Quest for  Democracy!

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