Forced to fight in the SF Jail? Stop the jail plan NOW!


Thank you for standing with us this month as we packed the room and demanded answers from the Department of Works and the Sheriff’s Department. Last week horrific story on prisoner abuse in SF County Jail surfaced, reinforcing what we already knew – SF County Jail is not a safe, therapeutic, or healthy place for any San Franciscan.

 Say NO to a New Jail in SF!


This story isn’t unique, nor is it an isolated scenario. It is unacceptable! 

We need you to continue to take action with us by keeping the pressure on the SF Board of Supervisors.

As the conditions in our county jail system continue to deteriorate, those of us fighting the jail will use every opportunity to ensure that our communities do not also deteriorate as a result.

The momentum to STOP THE SF REPLACEMENT JAIL has only increased! Your voice is needed now, more than ever. 

This week we will send you a series of additional action steps so please look out for our emails. And so our struggle continues!

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