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Dear Supporter,

These past few weeks have been very busy in the capital. Many of our members have gone to budget hearings and have witnessed our elected officials questioning the increase in corrections spending and asking for a durable, sustainable solution.

We have part of the solution here!

We knew that the corrections budget is slated to increase 1.7% and that they are asking for $20 million to increase contract bed capacity. We also learned that CDCR is attempting to use funding for reentry support for people on parole (the Recidivism Reuction Fund) to pay for overtime costs and “pilot reentry facilitites” that will be run by law enforcement. And trying to open up smaller prisons for women.

But wait, hasn’t parole and sentencing reform measures actually decreased the population to below what the courts have been demanding?

Yes! And at the hearings Senator Loni Hancock, Assemblymember Jones-Sawyer, and CDCR praised the progress and suggested that we need to make some of these reforms law to create a durable, sustainable plan.

And that is where we come in! CURB and it’s member organizations are sponsoring bills that lead us towards a long-term plan.

  • SB 224 (Senator Liu) –  Elder Parole
  • AB 512 (Assemblymember Stone) – Program Credit Incentives for Incarcerated People
  • SB 219 (Senator Liu) – Alternative Custody Program

Take action and learn more about our prison population reduction bill package.

We are going to need you now more than ever. We have part of the solution that could bring our loved ones home and stop the corrections budget from expanding. If you are a family member or want to be a part of our Quick Response Team make sure you take action now!

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