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Dear Supporter,

I believe that the social and political crises of our timecan be overcome.

I believe that the structural racism, sexism and capitalism that undergird our most profound social problems can be dismantled and that a truly just world is within our collective capacity to build.

But I’ve also learned, time and again, that we need powerful, creative organizations that can harness that capacity and forward meaningful demands for change.

Californians United for a Responsible Budget (CURB) is one of the most important of those organizations today, and I hope you’ll join me in supporting them with a generous donation right now.

CURB unites more than 70 organizations fighting to end mass incarceration from every corner of the state.

CURB magnifies the power of tens of thousands of activists to challenge the stranglehold of fear-mongerers and law enforcement over state policy.

and CURB leads the way to a truly just future by driving at the heart of California’s prison crisis.

Left unchecked, the veritable addiction of our elected officials to a campaign of prison and jail expansion threatens to erase any progress we can make in sentencing reform, re-entry support, or in changing public debate. And CURB is a unique force in the state insisting that we can, and must, reduce the number of prisons in the state if we wish to reduce the number of prisoners.

And make no mistake – every dollar you give today adds real power to this work. CURB is fighting an extremely well-resourced network of law enforcement and so-called “victim’s rights” organizations.

Becoming a CURB donor is something tangible you can do, today, to transform the landscape of mass incarceration in California. To move us one step closer to the future we all want – and need.

I know first-hand that the political powers driving mass incarceration are formidable. I also know that people’s movements  to challenge them are stronger.

Please click here to chip in with a $28, $41 or $145 tax-deductible gift today.

In solidarity,


Angela Y. Davis
Oakland, CA 

P.S. CURB is only $4,289 away from their end of the year goal! Now is the time to donate.

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