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This Wednesday, the new Adelanto City Council will discuss their plans to build more jails, and one of those facilities is supposedly for Los Angeles County jail overflow.

But even LA officials are stating they do not want more jails!

Last week, the L.A. Times reported: “Solis warned of an ‘incarceration-industrial complex that will sink our economy as well as our society if we allow it to.’  Kuehl said in an interview that she wants to revisit a recent decision by the previous board to spend $2 billion building jail facilities, including a new central jail.”

These transitions in leadership mark a crucial moment for us to change the direction of our communities; from one of incarceration and violence, to community solutions and support.

Will you join us this week to provide public comment voicing your opposition to more jails in Adelanto?

1) No New Jail for Adelanto – City Council Meeting

When: Wednesday, Dec. 10th at 7pm

Where: 11600 Air Expy, Adelanto, California 92301

2) Can’t come on the 10th? Sign the petition against Adelanto Expansion to be delivered to the new City Council on Wednesday!

Now that we have some new leadership, join me in supporting changes that newly-elected officials can make!

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