Kamala Harris Said What??

AGPictoDraftLast Friday, Federal judges *again* ordered California to speed up the releases of people from prison (for those of you keeping score at home, this is the 2nd such order in 11 months)!

And you won’t believe what supposedly progressive Attorney General Kamala Harris argued: if forced to release people, our “prisons would lose an important labor pool.” 

This is disgusting on every level –Tell Attorney General Harris: Don’t Keep Prisoners Locked Up to Keep Prisons Running!

Help us get 1,000 people to take action! This proves again that if we’re going to win anything meaningful, we’re going to have to push and prod and cajole even “progressives” every step of the way.

Kamala Harris needs to hear from us, and quickly.

Click here to send a clear message to the Attorney General: Californians want people coming home from prison. 



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