Letter to the Editor: Behind Bars

Behind bars

Printed in the SF Chronicle on Oct. 7th, 2014

I agree with “Jails are jammed with those who can’t afford bail” (Open Forum, Oct. 3). San Francisco needs bail reform and not a new jail. The piece brings up important concerns about the racial impact of making bail too expensive, especially for poor people.

I’d like to add that the people locked up in San Francisco’s jail are 56 percent African American, an appalling statistic given that black people only make up approximately 6 percent of the total population after the startling increase of gentrification and displacement of poor people and people of color.

This should be a huge concern to the sheriff, the Board of Supervisors and everyone in San Francisco. This is just one more reason for the county to cancel this unnecessary and expensive jail plan all together!

Emily Harris, Oakland

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