Environmental Hazards at Proposed Women's Jail Site!

Dear Supporter,

Jails are ruining the health and well being of our communities!

Last week, some of the Los Angeles No More Jails group attended the Initial Environmental Impact meeting and today some of us are at the Board of Supervisors to make sure they follow this process.

We were alarmed to hear last week that the site has hazardous material above and beneath it, has poor air quality, and that the potential for infectious disease and increased water use in an area already suffering from a historic water shortage.

We were therefore shocked to find out last night that there is a push to exempt this project from the environmental impact review process required by state law.

The Board of Supervisors is potentially authorizing the building of a women’s jail that hasn’t had an Environmental Impact Review since at least 1997.

Please send a letter to the Chief Executive Office and all members of the LA Board of Supervisors right now.

We are asking that the project go through the full environmental impact review process as well as that there be two additional public meetings with legitimate notice to the community so that we can discuss these issues before the final report is drafted.

We know that the people in women’s jails – already the residents of Los Angeles most impacted by environmental hazards and the epidemics of disease – don’t deserve another jail that will be bad for their health and well-being. Make sure that the County Supervisors know you are watching and expect them to protect the health and environmental well-being of all the county’s residents.  Please make our voice heard today.

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