10,000 new jail beds in Riverside?

Dear Supporter,

Did you know that Riverside County currently operates five jails: Blythe Jail, Indio Jail, Robert Presley Detention Center, Smith Correctional Facility, and the Southwest County Jail – in addition Riverside is scheming to build another 10,000 new jail beds in the next 12 years.  

Bring attention to this waste of human and financial resources, join us for a rally On Saturday, August 16th at 9:00am  at the Robert Presley Detention Center!

The Alternatives to Jail Expansion Coalition, comprised of local groups including All of Us or None and the California Partnership, demands that funds being purposed for jail expansion are better spent investing in reentry services.

Join the call for Riverside County to develop and adopt a comprehensive alternatives to jail expansion plan. 

Together we will create a mass incarceration banner to demonstrate a visual of 10,000 people, equal to the number of new cages Riverside wants to build. Bring magazine cut out pictures of people to add to the banner.

For more information call 951-898-0862 or find more details on the event page

In solidarity,

Maribel Nunez
Alternatives to Jail Expansion Coalition, and a member of Californians United for a Responsible Budget              PS: Did you see Vonya Quarles of All of Us Or None’s letter “Look for alternatives to building more jails” in yesterdays Desert Sun?     

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