We Marched to Shut McFarland Down!

Take Action, Stop McFarland!

Last Thursday, people from across California gathered in McFarland to protest the opening of a new women’s prison and to demand an end to immigrant detention and deportation. 

Stand in solidarity with us – send a message to your legislator to shut McFarland down!

As someone who has been organizing for years in the McFarland area, I was very moved by the convergence of central valley community members who rallied with people who had come to McFarland from other parts of the state.  

Women and children who were marching in the 300-mile Trail for Humanity for comprehensive immigrant justice connected with anti-prison advocates to build vital links between these struggles.

We listened to a letter from women and transgender prisoners which pointed out that the California Department of Corrections could 
easily implement release programs to reduce overcrowding rather than open a new women’s prison.  

We marched past blocks of barbed wire fences and felt their destructive presence in this small city, there are two prisons in McFarland caging 13,745 people. 

Together we strengthened our determination that the millions of dollars poured into razor wire walls and militarized borders should instead be spent on education, health, and services for our communities!

The McFarland rally was an important step forward in the fight to close the new women’s prison. Local media covered issues that are usually kept invisible to the public see here on ABC 23.   

However, women are beginning to get sent to McFarland prison and we need to step up the pressure on the decision makers now.

Tell your legislators to direct the CDCR to cancel the contract with GEO,
 close the McFarland women’s prison and implement existing release programs instead.

In solidarity,

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Debbie Reyes

California Prison Moratorium Project





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