I would love to buy those ladies a cup of coffee

After my first interaction with CURB staff, I remember thinking to myself, I would love to buy those ladies a cup of coffee….everyday!  I am truly amazed by how hard they work for all people in California prisons and their families.

In fact, by becoming a monthly sustainer you can join me in doing something way more important than buying coffee –you can help power forward a unique force for justice from San Diego to Pelican Bay. 

When I first met them, it was the middle of the week, I spent the day up in Sacramento with Emily and CURB members, objecting to more money going to build prisons.

The room was filled with the usual crowd – correctional stakeholders and legislative staff.  We were the only ones there representing people impacted by prison.

It was then that I learned just how big the problem is and how hard you have to work for change.

The most important thing to me about CURB is it’s constant, proactive presence in the state Capitol.

When I got home, I signed up to be a sustainer!

I know my monthly support to CURB keeps the voices of prisoners and their families heard in Sacramento when I can’t be there. 
And I really hope you’ll join me as a donor today!  We are only 5 people away from meeting our goal of 10 new monthly sustainers for CURB!

My story is the same as thousands of others, my husband Pauliton Nunes was at Tehachapi prison, and I traveled over 2,000 miles a month to see him for an hour behind glass.

We have experienced the devastation that comes with incarceration – inadequate mental health and medical services, worry, inhumane conditions, fear, solitary, expensive phone bills – the list goes on.
Getting frustrated with the system is easy. Working for positive change is the hard part, which is why I am so impressed with the work that CURB is doing!
Now is the best time to support CURB – every dollar will be doubled (up to $2,500) by a core of passionate CURB donors!  You can make your impact go literally twice as far, but only if you give before August 5th.

I know the cost and dedication it takes to bring real change. I mean it when I say I put my complete trust in CURB – for my family and for all our futures. But we can’t do it alone. Please join me with a $25, $40 or $100 donation today!

With gratitude,

Bonnie Madrid Nunes

This is me and my family – I know CURB is fighting for us everyday!





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