$4 billion that will make you want to fight.


Dear Supporter:

Each day CURB receives calls from the loved ones of people inside.  Last month a mother called to ask how SB 260 – new legislation allowing juveniles convicted as adults to apply for resentencing – would impact her son.  She sounded scared but hopeful.  Most of all, she was determined to assist her son so that he could be released earlier.

While CURB does not provide legal or social services, our work gets to the root cause of those conversations: we’re building a mass movement to reduce the number of prisons and prisoners in California.

And we can’t do it without you, Supporter.

Right now, every dollar you contribute before midnight on August 5th, will be doubled, up to a total of $2,500 committed by a generous network of CURB donors.

Can you help us today with a $40, or even $100 gift?

As a CURB supporter, you’ve seen the devastating impact of California’s massive prison and jail system.  But it’s also true that our growing movement opens another path toward realizing the freedom, justice, health and well being we envision for our lives and communities.

Your generous commitment to that vision is making an impact! CURB members and allies have achieved a number of inspiring victories over the last year, including:

  • Defeating $4 billion in prison & jail construction funding.
  • Implementing several parole reforms including good-time credits, elder parole and medical parole, that resulted in hundreds of early releases.
  • Supporting reentry by expanding alternative custody to counties and ending the life-time ban on some public benefits for people with drug felony convictions.
  • Blocking locking San Francisco and Los Angeles Counties from receiving the latest round of jail construction funding from Sacramento!

The work of fighting prison and jail expansion, and advancing strategies to move resources from imprisonment to education, health care, and supportive programs simply won’t get done without your help.

I will continue to get calls from people in a daily battle between fear and hope. But together, we’re building a movement to make our best hopes a reality.

Please, help us reach our $2,500 matching challenge. Your gift today can make a difference for all Californians.


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