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A few weeks ago, Supervisor Yaroslavsky seemed to think that our LA Board of Supervisors needed to reconsider the massive jail construction plan, saying diversion “might mitigate the need for the size of the jail that we have under construction.”

What does this mean? The $2 billion dollar jail plan approved by the L.A. Supervisors is not a done deal. No ground has been broken—there are still construction deadlines, final budgets to satisfy, and so much more. We need to keep fighting!

Also, there is a new hope towards a comprehensive diversion plan. Supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas proposed a motion that would approve $20 million of funding towards DA Lacey’s Mental Health Diversion plan.

This is a step in the right direction and we know we need more. Help us make sure this funding goes towards community based programs and not more jails!

1) Email LA Board Supervisors and tell them you support a Mental Health Diversion plan that prioritizes community based services and demand the jail plan be stopped

2) Tweet members of the LA Board of Supervisors and tell them to support diversion and not more jails

3) Come out Tuesday, July 29th at 11am when the board will be discussing this diversion plan and the next phase of the jail construction plan

Where: 500 W. Temple St., Los Angeles, 90012

We’ve known all along that we need alternatives and no new jails. Now is the time to make that happen!

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