Budget Battle: Tweet & Call to Keep the Pressure on!

BUILD STRONG COMMUNITIES BANNER.web.The Legislature has until midnight on Sunday to pass the budget, but the Committee still hasn’t voted on the jail construction dollars.

We aren’t surprised by the delay, your pressure has kept the debate on this money lively!

For example last Thursday, in the battle over the money Senator Hancock said “If there are no alternatives to incarceration, there will be no alternative but incarceration!”

We couldn’t agree more. 

We are specifically looking for people in Long Beach, San Diego, Chico, Oxnard, Oakland, San Francisco, Santa Monica to help us pressure the main targets, all though calls and tweets from everyone will help!

Call the Budget Conference Committee Targets

Hello my name is _________  and I am calling to let you know that I am opposed to the $500 million for jail construction in this year’s budget. I am asking you as a member of the Budget Conference Committees to say NO to more jail construction funding and to invest in alternatives to incarceration not controlled by law enforcement. Our communities need your leadership. Thank you!

Assemblywoman Weber (San Diego) – (916) 319-2079

Senator Lara (Long Beach) – (916) 651-4033

Assemblymember Bloom (Santa Monica) – (916) 319-2050

Assemblymember Skinner (Oakland) – (916) 319-2015

Senator Hancock (Oakland) – (916) 651-4009

Senator Leno (San Francisco) – (916) 651-4011

Assemblyman Gorell (Oxnard) – (916)-319-2044

Senator Nielsen (Chico) – (916) 651-4004

#Tweet at the Budget Targets

Click on the Legislator below to send them a tweet, please personalize the tweets!

To follow the Budget Battle on Twitter go to #cabudget or #nomorejails

Learn More about the Budget Battle

Check out Tynan Krakoff’s piece in the National Black Newspaper the San Francisco Bay View: Californians gaining momentum against prison and jail expansion

We all know that we need more affordable housing, reentry services, mental health treatment and that incentives to build “better” jails actually inhibit counties from pursuing the implementation of thse cheaper and more effective alternatives.

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