URGENT: Let's Stop this Jail Money!

Legislature: Stop Brown from Building More Jails?



Dear Supporter,

There are a number of criminal justice proposals, including the $500 million to build jails, that are being debated over right now as the Legislature finalizes their version of the budget.

Tell the legislature, that they must stop Gov. Brown from building more jails!

Due to your advocacy the Senate rejected the Governor’s proposal to provide $500 million for new jail construction by expanding the project criteria to include “transitional housing, day reporting centers, mental health treatment facilities, and substance abuse treatment facilities.”

This proposal is a step in the right direction, and we need one last push to make sure JAILS aren’t at all included in the criteria.

We all know that we need more community-based resources to respond to realignment and incentives to build “better” jails actually inhibit counties from pursuing the implementation of cheaper and more effective strategies in the community.

Take a stand now and let the legislature know that we need something different, not more jails!

Thank you for taking action!

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