Budget Battle: Stop $2.8 billion of prison construction today!


Stop Prison Construction Funding

Act Now!

Dear Supporter, 

The State of California recently distributed $800 million for prison expansion and now Senator Nielsen is proposing to increase funding for prison construction by $2.8 billion authorizing the CDCR to add 32,000 beds to existing prison facilities. This is on top of the $500 million being proposed for jail expansion in this year’s budget.

This is outrageous!

Senate Bill 1377 is an attempt to reauthorize the original bond sales that were proposed in 2007 through AB900, the largest prison expansion project in the history of the world! The high-interest on those bonds would take tens of billions of dollars from the state budget each year for decades to come.

Think about all the vital social services and educations programs we could fund with $2.8 billion dollars!

Let the Senate Public Safety Committee know we want them to vote NO on SB 1377.

On Tuesday April 22nd, the bill will be heard in the Senate Public Safety Committee. And on April 23rd and 24th the $500 million for jail construction will be discussed.

Can you join us in Sacramento?

If you are able to attend this important mobilization please email me at Diana@curbprisonspending.org or 213-864-8931 for more details.

We can make a difference. We must say no to all construction dollars for prisons and jails. Available dollars must be used to build safer, healthier communities by providing people adequate housing, quality health care and education, healthy food, meaningful work and the ability to fully participate in the democratic process.

I hope you join me in opposing this policy by sending a letter today!

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