Stop sending our loved ones to other counties!

Dear Supporter,

Did you hear? Assemblymember Mark Stone of Monterey has recently introduced a policy that would allowcounties to continue to transfer prisons to other county jails.
Since I heard the news, I have been working with local organizations in the Monterey Bay area to let the Assemblymember and the Legislature know that we do NOT support the coerced transfer of prisoners far away from their families.

I know what it’s like to have a loved one incarcerated far away from your home. My husband was once transferred more than 800 miles away from where I lived, making visiting nearly impossible.
This kind of forced transfer of prisoners is another deceptive form of jail expansion and puts an unfair strain on families, disintegrating the support structures that are integral to rehabilitation.
I have already met with Stone and delivered 200 petition signatures opposing the bill, asking for the implementation of SUSTAINABLE solutions to jail overcrowding, such as lowering of the bail schedule, increasing pretrial services, and increasing the use of split sentencing.As a resident of Assemblymembers Stone’s district, I hope you join me in opposing this policy by adding your signature today!
Thank you,Taina Vargas-Edmond
Dignity and Power NOW
A member of Californians United for a Responsible Budget

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