No More Jails Riverside Needs You

Dear Supporter,

Across the country, communities faced with the problem of crowded jails and strained local finances have begun looking for ways to curb jail population growth. These communities have avoided jail construction without compromising community safety, and many have been successful in doing so by using a combination of system efficiency measures and carefully considered alternative programs.

Riverside County operates five correctional facilities. Not enough?

Riverside applied for $80 million for a 582 person jail and was recently denied, however, there are scary plans to send more jail construction down the pipeline and we need to make sure that our county knows we do not want another jail.

All of Us or None Riverside, IE Outside the Cage and so many others are hoping to get 1,000 residents of Riverside to join us in opposing the jail. Sign on now!

We need to keep the pressure on and let Riverside know we need community alternatives!

Will you join me by signing on to our letter.

Join us in demanding real sustainable alternatives, a reduction in the jail population and investment in Riverside’s most vulnerable communities.

Towards justice,


David Chávez
Member of Inland Empire Outside the Cage and
Californians United for a Responsible Budget


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