Attend the Justice Reinvestment Hearing in LA


Dear Supporter,The Select Committee on Justice Reinvestment’s goal will be real data-based, long-term solutions that will help us stop spending excessive money on prisons and allow us to focus more on investments that grow our economy and provide opportunity.”  Speaker Pérez said.

Attend the next hearing in Los Angeles Hearing on Friday, February 28th.

Bring your stories and experiences; this is a rare chance for Committee members to hear from people who are not law enforcement or government officials. 

I served 45 years in prison, starting on Death Row. Almost two years ago I was paroled, I attempted to obtain employment within the city to no avail.  Like many former prisoners hunger and economic issues led down to a despairing path of homelessness.

Fortunately, I discovered a community based organization, they gave me what everyone needs: a fair chance!

We know how to reduce spending on incarceration and invest that money to expand alternatives like the Fair Chance Program that better serve communities all across the state!

My skills are being utilized in a meaningful way; I am properly housed, fed and very grateful. We need the Committee on Justice Reinvestment to hear our stories.

See you there,

Ernest Shepard III

Fair Chance Project a member of Californians United for a Responsible Budget


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