Legislators: Attend the SHU Hearing!

We need your help, to make sure the elected officials that are responsible for setting prison policy show up at next Tuesday’s hearing on solitary confinement.
In July of last year 30,000 prisoners across California went on hunger strike in protest of the torture of solitary confinement and other egregious living conditions.
In the face of horrendous repression, they won historic hearings on the issue of solitary confinement, but at the last hearing only a handful of legislators attended. 
Send a letter to your representative and help us take one step closer toward abolishing solitary confinement.
Don’t live in California? Click here.
Join us next week for the hearing:
Where: Sacramento, CA Capitol Building
When: Tuesday, February 11, 2014, 9:30am-12pm – Hearing (State Capitol Building Rm. 4202)
Rally & Lunch: Immediately following the hearing

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