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Dear Supporter:

‘A weak obstacle is sometimes sufficient to overthrow a grand design’. I read those words in The Three Musketeers when I was a little girl, and the thought returned to me recently when I was describing to some allies from around the US how effective CURB has been. We know what to do, but we need to become stronger to expand our successes.

Help CURB build an obstacle to mass incarceration, and open a new path for Californians!

Under realignment, California has a choice between two paths. One commits state funding to vital programs that connect and enhance communities throughout California. The other continues to waste the future by building new prisons and jails.

By connecting the resources and activity of more than 50 organizations and their members, CURB is an obstacle to the CDCR and Sheriffs whose grand design is only to build more cages. In the process CURB members are innovating solutions to the crisis of mass incarceration and opening a path that will be decisive for the Golden state and the rest of the US.

California is big, and it takes time and resources to reach our allies in dozens of counties as well as Sacramento. If a weak obstacle can do so much, imagine a strong one!

Strengthen the movement to end the construction of cages in California, donate to CURB today!

Cheers to all,

Ruthie Wilson Gilmore

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