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My name is Carole Urie and I am the Founder of the Returning Home Foundation.

Throughout the years we have focused on supporting groups who are actively involved in reducing recidivism while educating others and organizing those most impacted by the prison and jail system.

Which is why we are especially proud to support Californians United for a Responsible Budget. And I hope you’ll join us.

In fact, Returning Home Foundation is so dedicated to the work that we will provide matching funds of up to $5,000 next year for every dollar you give to CURB before midnight on December 31st.

Please click here to chip in $30 or even $60 today!

CURB is a powerful force in California bringing together over 50 organizations.
I have been impressed by CURB’s ability to educate and engage people throughout the state through community presentations, collaborative art exhibitions, and statewide mobilizations.
They are visionary: not only working directly on the issues that people face returning home from prison, but also on the issues that can prevent people from going into prison in the first place.
It truly takes a village to keep up this work and there’s no better time to give than during this match. We’re so proud to stand alongside CURB. 
Carole Urie




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