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Dear Supporter,

Last week, the Board of State and Community Corrections recommended that several counties receive jail construction funding, however, Los Angeles was not on the list. Los Angeles County had applied for $80 million in state money to construct a “reentry/step down facility”. Yes, this is on top of the $100 million they were already granted by the state to build a “Women’s Village”.

The state board may have noticed the lack of alternatives our county implements or the numerous cases of jail violence. This could be good news for us locally, but we need to demand that the LA County Board of Supervisors cancel jail expansion once and for all.

Please help us out in these three ways:

Call the LA Board of Supervisors Today!

1) Call the LA Board of Supervisors Today

Supervisor Molina: (213) 974-4111
Supervisor Knabe: (213)974-4444
Supervisor Antonovich: (213) 974-5555
Supervisor Ridley-Thomas: (213) 974-2222
Supervisor Yaroslavsky: (213) 974-3333

Script: “My name is _______ & I request that you implement clear, cost effective community solutions that don’t involve caging mothers with their children and building more jails. All L.A. jail planning should be suspended until we are sure reductions are fully in use.We all need changes which will get people with nonviolent and petty offenses back to their families, and protect everyone by putting resources into rehabilitative and supportive services, especially in communities most impacted by crime and mass incarceration.” 

2) RSVP: Attend the LA Board of Supervisors Meeting

Tuesday, December 17 at 9:30am

500 W. Temple St. Los Angeles, CA 90012


Join us to support the work of our member organization, Dignity and Power Now, and take a stand for our loved ones incarcerated inside the largest and most violent jail system in the world.

3) SAVE THE DATE: January 16, 2013

We hope that you will mark you calendars and be sure to come out to the Board of State and Community Corrections Meeting in Los Angeles. On this day the board will be making a final decision on which counties throughout California receive more jail construction funding. There is $500 million and dozens of counties have applied. We will need your voices and stories to be present in the room so we can once again demand NO MORE JAILS!

Please share this email with friends, family and organizations in Los Angeles and help us build an even larger voice of opposition to Los Angeles and California jail expansion plans!
In solidarity,

Diana Zuñiga

Statewide Organizer at Californians United for a Responsible Budget 

& Member of LA No More Jails



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