This year has brought us…

Yesterday, the dedicated work of CURB and our members brought advocates, organizers, formerly incarcerated people and many others to Sacramento with a unified, loud demand: No More Jails!

People representing over 10 counties throughout California mobilized with tireless determination and endless hope that we can shift the state’s priorities toward supporting the alternatives and resources we know our communities need.

Growing this grassroots movement is something we work towards every day.

This year has brought us:

Media Amplifying the Truth – Far too often, the mainstream media promotes fear, resulting in outrageous laws that separate our families and communities. CURB’s organizing and media work has shifted that narrative towards one that identifies the tremendous social cost of mass incarceration and the real alternatives that can lead California out of this crisis.

Victory Against Jail Expansion – After hearing that 36 of California’s 58 counties are planning to build new jails, CURB was determined to not let this happen on our watch. Our ‘How to Stop a Jail in Your Town’ packet built CURB’s capacity to connect with and support allies in jail fights across the state. In Los Angeles County, CURB’s work with members and allies helped defeat a proposal to send people in LA County jails to a facility in Kern County. This work prevented the separation of over 500 people from their loved ones.

Over 100 New Allies in California – When Governor Brown announced his plan to use surplus funds intended for the restoration of education and social services toward the construction of new prison and jail cells CURB stepped in. In coalition, our work connected hundreds of new allies in education, health and human services, environmental justice and many more; forcing the state to listen to community voices and create a compromise deal.

New Partners Across the Nation – CURB’s resources, expertise and successes have connected us to allies across the country whose combined experience strengthens our work. In the past month, CURB members met with advocates from New York, Washington DC and Pennsylvania to share skills, strategies and vision; forging national connections and building movement toward a nation that invests in building supportive communities instead of prisons and jails.

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