December 4 – Statewide #NoMoreJails Mobilization Information

42 of California’s 58 counties have plans to build new jails (link to new realignment report card). While some of them claim to be reformers, we know we won’t be able to pass sentencing reform or bring our loved ones home unless we stop building cages. These projects put our counties in fiscal jeopardy, and they also undercut the resources available for the life-affirming programs and services that can get people out of jails and keep them out.

Sheriffs throughout the state are making plans to build cages for our children, and we need to stop them. On December 4th, they will be begging the Board of State and Community Corrections for millions of dollars. Come to Sacramento and help us show that communities across the state are united: No New Jails!

What happens December 4th will determine whether counties build new jails or reduce their jail populations. But, as usual, what they aren’t counting on is us. We’re going to pack the hearing room with as many activists as we can possibly mobilize.

Where: Board of State and Community Corrections (BSCC),University of Phoenix, 2860 Gateway Oaks Dr., First Floor,  Sacramento, CA
When: Wed. Dec 4th, hearing starting at 11am, rally at 12pm, lobby visits in the afternoon.
These new jails will be around for decades to come – which means, in the words of a seasoned activist, that they’re building cages for young people whose parents haven’t even been born yet. 

As we gear up for the historic “No More Jails” statewide mobilization to Sacramento on December 4th, we put together a 2013 CURB Realignment Report Cardso that you can see if your county has plans to build a new jail.

Whether or not you can join us in person at the Statewide Mobilization this Wednesday in Sacramento, we wanted to share with you some new resouces to support your local fights against jail expansion and a few opportunities on how to amplify our #NoMoreJails message.

1) Read the two new additions to our How Stop a Jail In Your Town Toolkit:

2) Listen to our Spokesperson Training & Action Overview Teleconference

Recording of spokesperson training!

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