Do you think the new SF jail is good for children?

Last week Supervisor Eric Mar said he “can’t under clear conscience support” what he called “a step forward towards expanding the prison-industrial complex in this country.”  Due to Supervisor Mar’s bold opposition, the full Board of Supervisors must vote on supporting the county’s application for state funds to build the new $700 million dollar jail.  Join me in demanding that the Board stop this wasteful project now!

One main argument Sheriff Mirkarimi is using to justify his new jail is it that we need the new space to provide family reunification programs.  As a person who spent ten years locked-up away from my children, I know first hand that the best outcome for children is to not lock their parents up in the first place.  When I was in the county jail my kids didn’t want to come visit because they had to sit across a piece of glass, and weren’t able to touch me.  They didn’t understand what was happening.  It’s much less damaging to see mommy at home than mommy in jail.



Tell the Supervisors to 

Oppose the New Jail NOW!



Come voice your opposition at Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting.

October 22d at 1pm, Full Chambers, City Hall, San Francisco. 

The Sheriff and Board of Supervisors President Chiu are supporting a resolution to approve the county’s grant application for jail construction funding.  Because the grant application doesn’t commit The County to building the jail a number of supervisors have said they will approve the grant application and reserve the debate over the jail for a future date. They have 90 days after receiving the funding to decide if they will take it or not. We know the County is unlikely to turn down millions of dollars from the state, if they get the money, so they need to hear from us NOW.

Please share this email with friends, family and organizations in San Francisco and help us build an even larger voice of opposition to this expansion plan!

In solidarity,


Misty Rojo

California Coalition for Women Prisoners, Justice Now and member of Californians United for a Responsible Budget










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