Wednesday: Join SHU Hearings & Rally in Sacramento!


Support the Strikers!

Demand our Legislators attend the Oct. 9 hearing

Dear Supporter,

The prisoner-led movement to end solitary confinement continues. This Wednesday October 9th, is the first of several joint hearings hosted by the California Public Safety Committee’s to address conditions in the SHU. Help us make sure that this historic hearing is attended by our legislators.

Everyone is urged to attend the first rally at 11:30am and the hearing from 1:00-3:30pm (in room 4203) and the closing rally at 4:00pm. If you aren’t able to attend the hearing tune in here to watch it online, or here to listen.

The hearing will be in four parts:

1. CDCR panel, including someone from the Office of the Inspector General. Secretary Beard and/or Undersecretary Hoshimo.

2. “Experts” panel which may include Craig Haney, ACLU’s David Fahti, Pat Dolan, Laura Dagan, Emmitt Sparkman from Mississippi; and others.

3. “Activists” panel including formerly incarcerated SHU prisoners and family members.

4. Public comment: this will include readings from people in the SHU.

Bring signs and art to make the rallies visually stunning! Self-care and community-care: Bring a lawn chair if you want to rest at the rally and some water/snacks to stay healthy.

CARPOOL EAST BAY: Please RSVP to by the end of the day TODAY Monday, October 7. Carpools will leave from MacArthur BART in Oakland at 9:30am on Wednesday.

“We will be with the prisoners here in the courts, in the legislature, or out in the community. We will use every venue available to us, until the torture is ended.” – Marie Levin of Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity Coalition, sister of Hunger Striker Sitawa Jaama.Please forward this message widely!

In solidarity,

Tynan Krakoff

CURB Intern

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