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Dear Supporter,
Recently, the Board of Supervisors approved a long-term contract with the City of Taft, to use a recently vacated prison to house L.A. County prisoners. The use of realignment dollars, $10 million, to fund this jail expansion way out in Kern County is fiscally irresponsible and morally outrageous. These dollars must be invested in the community programs and alternatives to incarceration in order to reduce the number of people locked up in L.A County’s violent jail system.

Please join us in protesting this by participating in a press conference and public comment at the Board of Supervisors tomorrow.

1) Come out Tomorrow (Oct. 8) at 9:00am. We will hold a press conference and attend the meeting to voice our disapproval of the Taft Contract.

Location: 500 W. Temple St. Los Angeles, CA 90012

What to Bring: Wear your orange shirts! If you have a picture of someone impacted by incarceration please bring it on Tuesday.

2) If you haven’t called already start calling TODAY.

Script: My name is __________ and I am a constituent of Supervisor________. I am calling today to express my discontent with [if your call is to Antonovich, Knabe, or Molina say “your yes vote”  —  if your call is to Yaroslavsky or Ridley-Thomas say “the Board’s action”] that is allowing the Sheriff’s Department and CEO to contract with Taft Correctional Facility and that you are using realignment money to fund. We need you to reverse this decision. We want county funds and the state’s AB109 realignment grant to the county spent on rehabilitation, support services and treatment, and we want community programs which prevent repeat and first offenses! Los Angeles needs community solutions, not jail expansion or construction. 

Supervisor Molina: (213) 974-4111
Supervisor Knabe: (213)974-4444
Supervisor Antonovich: (213) 974-5555
Supervisor Ridley-Thomas: (213) 974-2222
Supervisor Yaroslavsky: (213) 974-3333

3) Do you want to get more involved in the fight against jail expansion? Please join us on Sunday, October 13th for the LANMJ Strategy Session. RSVP here. 

Thank you for all the support! Let’s continue this fight together.

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