JOIN US! Rally & Public Hearing on the SHU in Sacramento 2/25


Dear Diana,

Join us in Sacramento on Monday, February 25th @ 11:30 am! Speak out against continued torture and other human rights violations in California’s deplorable Security Housing Units (SHU)! Stand in solidarity with prisoners and their families as we fight for an end to solitary confinement!

After the rally, bring your voice to the California State Assembly’s Public Safety Committee at 1pm (Room 126) where the committee will be discussing the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) new solitary confinement policies. Put the heat on Gov. Jerry Brown and California legislators!  Demand that they end their silence and inaction on this crucial issue!

The Department of Corrections has implemented new statewide policies which they claim are a “dramatic” new change to its SHU system—how a prisoner ends up in the solitary units, for how long, and how they can go about getting released.  But we know the CDCR’s new policies broaden the use of solitary confinement, and that conditions in the SHUs continue to constitute grave human rights violations.

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Please join us on Monday!

For More information please visit Prison Hunger Strike Solidarity!

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