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Californians United for a Responsible Budget

Statewide Field Organizer Job Description

Californians United for a Responsible Budget (CURB) is seeking a highly organized, passionate person to serve as its Statewide Field Organizer. This position will help build  grassroots power in California in order to stop prison and jail expansion and reduce the number of people imprisoned in our state. By building strategically in counties throughout the state using a variety of actions and tactics, we will anchor CURB’s legislative and media efforts and provide the basis for advancing our overall goals as outlined in CURB’s program, The Budget for Humanity.

CURB is a broad-based coalition of over 50 organizations seeking to CURB prison spending by reducing the number of people in prison and the number of prisons in the state. Currently CURB coordinates work to oppose jail and prison expansion in many local communities and statewide.  We also focus on lobbying and legislative policy and decision-making in Sacramento. We use a variety of creative tactics to expose and oppose the devastation communities across California experience because of the prison industrial complex. We also use media, public education and other organizing strategies to build grassroots power that can achieve the changes we seek.

CURB is committed to investing in the leadership of people of color and formerly incarcerated people. Formerly incarcerated people, people who have family inside prison, women, queer and trans people are encouraged to apply. CURB does not discourage or discriminate against convicted people.  There will not be a background check or fingerprinting of applicants, and you will not be asked if you have ever been convicted of a crime on the application or interview. Please feel free to mention that you have been in prison or jail, it will be considered as an asset in this job.

The Statewide Field Organizer with CURB will be responsible for harnessing and expanding the power of CURB member organizations, growing the number of grassroots organizations that belong to CURB, and mobilizing individuals within communities to become involved in CURB activities.  On any given day, the field organizer’s responsibilities may include working with dedicated CURB leaders around the state, training new members in media and lobbying techniques, organizing community members to participate in a lobby day in Sacramento, mobilizing a demonstration in front of city government offices and serving as the media spokesperson for all of the above.


  • Expand and strengthen CURB’s organizational and grassroots network across California. You’ll work with local CURB member organizations to identify base building opportunities and develop strategies to reach out to new member organizations and individuals, re-engage former CURB member organizations, and seek out new allies to join CURB.
  • Develop new leaders and expanding CURB member organization skill sets. Because the state of California is gigantic, it is imperative that leadership development be a part of our grassroots initiatives. This will include planning and/or organizing necessary trainings, skill shares, strategic planning sessions, etc. to support the development of CURB’s overall strategy and its leaders.
  • Support the planning/implementation/evaluation of events and actions. You will be responsible for supporting CURB organizers and allies to make strategic decisions and plans for local events and actions. This includes helping plan simultaneous statewide actions, Sacramento-based lobby days and creative actions, and local targeted actions and events.  You will also have responsibility for developing and implementing media plans, working with the CURB media work group to develop press releases and media talking points as well as serving as a media spokesperson. 
  • Coordinate & support local CURB organizers build statewide power. Through rallies, town halls, press conferences and lobby meetings, you’ll make sure different regions respond forcefully and quickly when we need to spring into action. You’ll also be responsible for coordinating communication and strategic planning between the various local volunteer CURB organizers.
  • Supporting CURB’s infrastructure. You will work very closely with CURB’s coordinator on a daily basis. You will be responsible for sharing coordination responsibilities for the alliance’s administrative, work group and development tasks and for representing CURB at various conferences, meetings, coalitions, and networks.

Skills and experience:

  • Agreement with CURB principles and strong commitment to racial and gender justice and inclusive practices.
  • At least 2–3 years of grassroots organizing experience (or related experience).
  • Proven leadership and leadership development skills.
  • A strong self-starter with experience working independently. Someone with initiative who can put forth new idea, develop plans collectively and make them happen.
  • Coordination experience.  You’ll be working with a broad-based team of volunteer organizers and will need to be ready to support their work and solve problems creatively.
  • Strong writing and computer skills.
  • Proven desire and experience working to improve the lives for marginalized and oppressed peoples. CURB’s network is made up of a multiplicity of experiences and identities, including currently imprisoned people, formerly incarcerated people, family members of people locked up, people of color, young people, queer people, activists, educators, and national supporters.
  • Comfortable working flexible hours, regular monthly travel, working via phone and computer, and keeping in consistent communication with colleagues in other parts of the state.
  • Proven follow-through and ability to see projects and activities through to completion.
  • Valid drivers license and willingness to drive desired.
  •  Fluent Spanish preferred (not required).

Salary: Full-time. $45,000 annual salary and benefits package.

Location:  The position will be focused on grassroots organizing in Los Angeles and the Central Valley. Initial training and staff team development will occur in the Bay Area.  Regular travel to all parts of California required. Permanent base office location to be determined.

To apply: Please email the items listed below to Emily Harris . Please put “Statewide Field Organizer” in the subject line. Feel free to contact Emily with any questions 510-435-1176.

1.     A cover letter explaining why you want the position and why you think you would be good for this role. 

2.     Resume. If you have organizing experience that is not shown in your resume, please tell us about it in your cover letter.

3.     Three references. (with telephone number and email address)

Applications are due by Friday, August 24th.

Our office is located in Oakland near the corner of Webster and 14th St. and is served by the 12th Street BART, and multiple bus lines. The office is wheelchair accessible. For more information about CURB visit:

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