Cancel AB 900 Postcards are in!

The postcards are here and, along with them, a great opportunity to urge our elected officials to stop the biggest prison construction project in the history of the world by eliminating funding for more prisons and jails in this year’s state budget.  The postcards also offer a great opportunity to talk to lots of people about the issues we care so deeply about and build our network.   We need you to help make this effort as effective as possible.

CURB has set a statewide goal of getting at least 5,000 postcards signed.  We are asking each CURB member organization to set a target number for your organization (it can be big or small) and return signed postcards to the CURB office by the following dates — so that we can deliver them most strategically to Sacramento.

Please return all signed postcards to the CURB office at 1322 Webster #210, Oakland CA 94612 by:

  • April 20th – so that they can be delivered before the April 25-26 Budget Hearings/Lobby Days
  • June 1st – this is after the May 15 Budget revise but before the final budget votes which are supposed to occur by June 15.
  • June 25th – before the deadline for the Governor to sign the budget, July 1.

We’ve touched base with organizations that have carried out similar postcard efforts and learned the importance of having people sign the postcard and return it to you on the spot.  We’ve learned that it’s a great idea to always carry some postcards with you and use them as you go about your day, on the bus, in class, at a meeting, at work.  And most productive of all, we know that there are many tabling opportunities at events, schools, meetings, houses of faith, that offer a chance to speak to people and get many more postcards signed.

If you haven’t already, please let us know what your overall target number is so we can both track our goal setting and progress and make sure you have enough postcards.

We are currently printing additional postcards in Spanish, please let us know if you’d like some of those as well. If you have any ideas, questions, concerns, or want more postcards please just let us know.  And we are also happy to help you brainstorm ideas.

Send postcard requests to (please include your address)!

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