Fighting to Win Against Jail Expansion

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Click Here for CURB’s “Budget For Humanity”which outlines CURB’s demands to:
1. Stop All Prison and Jail Construction

2. Reduce Overcrowding and Release Our tax Dollars

3. Stop The Cuts and Invest In Our Future

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for CURB’s
“Realignment Report Card”

Want to learn more?

Click here for a radio interview on KALW about California investing millions in new jails to deal with overcrowding.

Click here for an OpEd in the Daily Cal by CURB about how many counties fail to learn costly state lessons and still expand jail capacity.

Click here for coverage from Marisa Lagos at the SF Chronicle on AB 900 construction projects.

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Dear CURB Members and Allies –

All eyes continue to watch California as we transition into 2012. This year marked a series of critical moments in regards to our Budget For Humanity Campaign. From the devastating budget deficit and cuts, the historic Plata/Coleman ruling, the powerful and inspiring Prisoner Hunger Strikes, and the ever-changing Public Safety Realignment scheme, CURB’s work is vital more now then ever before.

Many of you joined us just a few weeks ago in Oakland for our annual Face To Face meeting. The overwhelming energy and excitement about CURB’s work this past year was contagious! We spent time evaluating and reflecting on our work as well as collectively determining our plans for 2012.

Throughout the state, as austerity budget cuts tear at the fabric of our communities, county after county is proposing to build new jail cells and fund more law enforcement.  If all of these cages get built, pressure on elected officials to support smart alternatives to imprisonment, reduce sentences, and reform parole will be nearly eliminated. This year CURB’s statewide power will be thrust behind enacting a moratorium on ALL prison and jail expansion, and we need your help.
The following 34 counties have indicated plans to expand their jails:

Amador * Butte * Calaveras * El Dorado * Fresno * Imperial * Kern * Kings * Los Angeles * Madera * Merced * Monterey * Napa * Orange * Placer * Riverside * Sacramento * San Bernardino * San Benito * San Diego * San Joaquin * San Luis Obispo * San Mateo * Santa Barbara * Santa Clara * Shasta * Siskiyou * Solano * Sonoma * Stanislaus * Sutter * Tulare * Tuolumne * Yolo

It is crucial that we come together to stop the waste of our limited resources on locking up our communities!

Join The Fight!

CURB Lobby Day December 12th!

Join CURB in Sacramento Monday, December 12th! We will be meeting with legislators to demand a construction moratorium, cuts to the prison budget, parole and sentencing reform, and real reinvestment in our communities.

To RSVP, please email Emily Harris by Monday November 28th.

Call Your Local Legislators & Board of Supervisors!

Click here to find out who your local legislators are and their contact information.

What to say to legislators: I am calling to ask you to stand strong for California communities by calling for a moratorium on all prison and jail construction by reviewing and halting any AB 900 construction projects, and pushing for smart parole and sentencing reform.

Click here for information on your local county, including websites for Boards of Supervisors.

What to say to Supervisors: I am calling to ask you to stand strong for ______ county during “realignment” by voting against any jail construction or expansion and investing in alternatives to imprisonment.

Attend Your County Board of Supervisor Meetings!

Click here to find your county’s website and Board of Supervisors meeting schedules and agendas. Please attend and speak out at the meetings! It is up to the community to raise our voice on what we want realignment and public safety to look like. Contact CURB for helpful talking points.

Sign-On to the Budget for Humanity!

Join the 50 organizations and over 50 individuals who have already endorsed the campaign and our 3 main demands:

  • Stop All Prison and Jail Construction.
  • Reduce Overcrowding and Release our Tax Dollars.
  • Stop the Cuts and Invest in Our Future.

Click here to download a Budget for Humanity Endorsement Form.  Contact CURB for more information or to schedule a presentation.

Now is the time to build the California we want! We need to invest in education, jobs, affordable housing, healthcare access, and re-entry services, not more prison and jail cells. Together we can win!

Towards Justice,

Californians United for a Responsible Budget

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