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Today, Governor Brown released the May revise of the 2011 Budget. As anticipated, California’s vital health and human services are being slashed, while the corrections budget remains intact and untouched and with a proposed 1.5% increase!

17% cut in health & human services, 17% cut in environmental protection, 7.5% cut in higher education, $1.5 billion of Medi-Cal cuts, $1.8 billion in mental health cuts. $420 million cuts to In-Home Supportive Services. $1.13 billion cut to UC & CSU, and $145 million MORE for prisons!

This comes in conjunction with the Legislature pushing forward costly jail construction. CURB’s Budget For Humanity outlines 3 demands that will save California billions of dollars, reunite families and communities, and will restore our diminishing social safety net. We need to tell Governor Brown that we need a Budget For Humanity! It will take you less than 5 minutes to send Governor Brown an email to let him know that he has greatly disappointed the people of California today.

Go to: (enter in your info, choose ‘BUDGET’ as the subject) – fill out the initial form – Cut, paste, and personalize the message below:

“My name is __________ and I live in ______. I am writing to let Governor Brown know that I am disappointed and dismayed at the “cuts only” budget revise that was released today. This “cuts only” budget follows the models of Governors Schwarzenegger and Davis: cuts to all departments except for Corrections. California needs an immediate shift in priorities starting with an END to prison and jail construction and a REINVESTMENT in our social safety net and the programs and services that actually make our communities safe. It is time to chop from the top and push forward progressive revenue measures.

I demand that Governor Brown immediately implement a Budget For Humanity and: 1) Stop all prison and jail construction. 2) Reduce overcrowding and release our tax dollars. 3) Stop the cuts and invest in our future. Sincerely, XXXXXXXXX”

Forward this on to your family and friends throughout the state of California! For more information about CURB or the Budget For Humanity, visit or email

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