Rally: Get Our Money Out of Prisons!

Tell California Legislators that Simple Sentencing Reform Would Save the State $450 Million!

Next Monday at noon, the ACLU, Californians United for a Responsible Budget, the Drug Policy Alliance, the Ella Baker Center, the California Partnership and the Friends Committee on Legislation will convene on the Capitol steps demanding that the California Legislature cut prison spending to protect important health and human services, including drug treatment, and education programs from further devastating budget cuts.

Can’t make it? Make your voice heard! Email Governor Brown »

Big prison spending is eating the budget for everything else.

Rally at the State Capitol
12 to 1 p.m.
Monday, March 21, 2011
South Steps, California State Capitol, Sacramento
Free Lunch Provided

California taxpayers spend more than $450 million every year to lock up non‐violent offenders whose only crime was possession of a small amount of illegal drugs. It’s time to change our priorities.

If we instead handle these offenders at the local level, we can hold them accountable to the community and save hundreds of millions of dollars, money we can invest in:

  • Schools for kids,
  • Healthcare,
  • Social services for seniors and people with disabilities, and
  • Firefighting services.

At a time when our state budget is in crisis, with drastic cuts to health care and education hurting children, it’s wrong to spend billions of dollars locking people up for low level non‐violent drug offenses. And the cost to our state doesn’t stop there.

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