Check out this addition – 50 Ways to Reduce the Number of People in Prison in California

Here are some examples to start us off. The document can be downloaded here or found on our resources page.

1. Mandate parole, rather than prison, for people with sentences of 12 months or less.
2. Discharge people who have been civilly committed (“civil narcotic addicts”).
3. Remove state prison as a sentencing option for driving under the influence, hashish possession, receiving stolen property, drug possession,
vehicle theft and grand theft.
4. Repeal the Three Strikes Law.

28. Make providing services, rather than supervision, the primary function of parole.
29. Discharge people on parole who have served 12 months of parole
without a violation.
30. Discharge to parole people over 60 years of age.

35. Provide every person with the opportunity to participate in education and/or job training while in prison.
36. Provide every person with the opportunity to participate in drug treatment.
37. Ban the box on employment applications that asks if the applicant has been convicted of a felony or has a criminal record.

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