Below are links to the active action alerts that CURB is currently pushing. 

Budget Advocacy:

Use the Budget for Prison Expansion? No Way! The California State Assembly and Senate are discussing the use of  billions for prisons. Make sure you let them know we want continued prison population reduction and community solutions!

CURB 2015 Corrections Budget Overview

Legislative Advocacy:

Sample Support Letter (Organizations): SB 224 Elder Parole

Elder Parole (SB224) Fact Sheet

Elder Parole (SB224) FAQ Sheet by LSPC

Sample Support Letter (Organizations): AB 512 Program Credit Incentives for Incarcerated People

Program Credit Incentives for Incarcerated People (AB 512) Fact Sheet

Using the Legislative Process as a Tool to Fight for the Human Rights of Incarcerated People (AB512) by DPN

Sample Support Letter (Organizations): SB 219 Alternative Custody Program

Alternative Custody Program (SB 219) Fact Sheet

50 Ways to Reduce the Number of People in Prisons in California

County Advocacy:

Statewide Petition Against Prison and Jail Expansion

Open Letter to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors: We Can’t Afford a New County Jail!  SF County Sheriff Mirkarimi wants to spend anywhere from $290-$465 million to build a new “replacement jail” in San Francisco County.