2012 Press

Press Releases:

November 2012: Legislative Analyst Office Predicts CDCR Will Fail to Meet Budget Reductions

November 2012: Voters Lighten 3-Strikes While Increasing Revenues for Education

November 2012: Measure A Passes, Community Members Vow to Continue Jail Fight

October 2012: Controversial San Mateo Jail Plans Racking Up Unexpected Costs

October 2012: Assemblymember Ammiano Criticizes Governor’s veto of prison media access bill

September 2012: One Year Later for Realignment, Californians Continue to Fight Against Jail Construction

September 2012: San Mateo Board of Supervisors Push $160 million Jail Plan Forward

September 2012: San Mateo County Supervisors to Vote on Budget, Residents Demand Supervisors Cut Jail Spending

September 2012: Hundreds of Community Members Pack Supervisors Meeting, Demand End to New Jail

September 2012: Fight to Stop San Mateo County Jail Heats Up

August 2012: Senate Passes Prison Media Access Bill

August 2012: Sheriff Lee Baca to Co-Chair Statewide Jail Committee Despite Federal Investigation of Torture in LA County Jails

August 2012: San Mateo County Residents Gather to Stop New Jail

August 2012: Prison Media Access Bill Leaves Appropriations, to Full Senate

July 2012: Community Members Speak Out Against Proposed Jail Tax

July 2012: CDCR Registers Last Minute Opposition to Expanding Media Access to State Prisons

July 2012: Community Organizations Fight to be Heard in LA Jail Expansion Debate

June 2012: $4.1 billion Cut from Prison and Jail Expansion

June 2012: Senate Committee on Public Safety Votes to Lift the Media Access Ban on CA Prisons

June 2012: Grassroots Coalition Asks Legislators to Lift the Media Access Ban on CA Prisons

June 2012: Board of Supervisors Barrel Forward Even as Funding Scheme for San Mateo Jail Dies in Appropriations Committee

May 2012: Local Activists, Architects Partner with Residents to Re-Purpose Valley State Prison for Women in Chowchilla

May 2012: California’s Legislative Analyst Office Questions CDCR Blueprint

May 2012: Brown, CDCR Backslide in May Revise Budget; CURB has a Better Idea

May 2012: San Mateo Supervisors Poised to Push $150 Million Jail Plan Forward

April 2012: California Coalition Stops Prison Construction Plan in Its Tracks

April 2012: Organizations and Community Members Respond to CDCR Plan

April 2012: CURB Responds to CDCR’s “Future of California Corrections” Report

March 2012: Community Members Call for Restored Rights to People with Felony Convictions

March 2012: California Counties Going Wrong Direction with Realignment

March 2012: Community Continues Opposition to Massive Expansion of LA County Jail

February 2012: LAO Suggests Billions of Dollars in Reductions to AB900 and Possible Prison Closures

February 2012: San Mateo Proposes Jail Population Reduction Measures

January 2012: Hundreds Turn Out to Oppose Massive LA County Jail Expansion

January 2012: Los Angeles Residents Oppose $1.4 Billion Jail Expansion

January 2012: Californians Demand Further Reduction in Prison Spending to Save Social Services

Press Materials:

Expert Opinions on LA County Jail

News Coverage of CURB:

League invites Mitchell to speak about prisons, Mercury News 11/8/12

County sales tax measure passes, San Mateo Daily Journal 11/7/12

Voters lighten Three Strikes while increasing revenues for education, SF Bay View 11/7/12

San Mateo County Measure A: Sales tax increase passes, Mercury News 11/6/12

Menlo Park Resident Creates Moving Billboard, Blasts Jail Tax, Menlo Park Patch 11/3/12

Group Protests ‘Jail Tax’ over Highway 101, San Mateo Patch 11/2/12

The Big Veto: Our Governors Hate Inmate Media-Access Bills, SF Weekly 10/17/12

Hard cases changing tenor of jail population,  The Almanac 10/11/12

Voters asked to hike sales tax, San Mateo Daily Journal 10/9/12

Endorsement: Yes on Prop. 36 — Make Three Strikes better and streets safer with this sensible measure, Daily News 10/04/12

San Mateo County faults three reports that question need for new jail, Mercury News 10/4/12

Letter: Invest in social services, not a new jail, San Mateo Daily Journal 10/1/12

Brown rejects expanding media access to prisons, LA Times 10/1/12

Ammiano decries Gov. Brown’s veto of media access to prisoners, SF BayView 10/1/12

Gov. Brown Won’t Let Reporters Have Easy Access to Prison Inmates, SF Weekly 10/1/12

No new jails! Californians fight on a year after realignment, SF BayView 10/1/12

Letter: Choosing ‘reactionary measures rather than preventative measures’ San Mateo Daily Journal 10/1/12

San Mateo Board of Supervisors push $160 million jail plan forward, SF Bay View 9/27/12

Proposed San Mateo County Jail Sparks Protest at Board of Supervisors Meeting, KRON 4 9/25/12

San Mateo County Supervisors approve jail funding in budget vote, KTVU 9/25/12

Supervisors set to adopt $1.9B budget, San Mateo Daily Journal 9/24/12

Redwood City: Opposition growing against proposed Peninsula jail, Contra Costa Times 9/24/12

Report calls new jail plan unjustified, San Mateo Daily Journal 9/22/12

OP-ED: Jail will not bring long-lasting safety, San Mateo Daily Journal 9/20/12

Opinion: Let reporters into prisons, SF Bay Guardian 9/17/12

Split in San Mateo on How to Ease Crowded Jails, The Wall Street Journal 9/12/12

Drumbeat against San Mateo County’s proposed jail grows louder, Mercury News 9/12/12

Jail opponents rally at county center, Daily Journal 9/12/12

Hundreds pack San Mateo supervisors’ meeting, demand no new jail, SF Bay View 9/11/12

Group Opposes New San Mateo Co. Jail, NBC Bay Area 9/11/12

Jail Protestors Vow to Bring Fight to Supes, Redwood City Patch 9/11/12

Senate passes Prison Media Access Bill, SF Bay View 8/30/12

Bill would improve media access to prison inmates, Sacramento Bee 8/29/12

New jail foes decry design alternatives, San Mateo Daily Journal 8/29/12

Group urges San Mateo County to put the brakes on a new jail, Contra Costa Times 8/28/12

Group urges San Mateo County to put the brakes on a new jail, Mercury News 8/28/12

Sheriff unveils two jail designs, San Mateo Daily Journal 8/25/12

Battle Escalates Over Proposed San Mateo County Jail, KQED 8/24/12

Letter: Public safety, San Mateo Daily Journal 8/24/12

Gov. Jerry Brown Has a Chance to Usher in Major Prison Reforms in California, SF Weekly 8/22/12

Editorial: Allow inmates to talk, LA Times 8/21/12

Viewpoints: Reporters need transparent and reliable access to state’s inmates, Sacramento Bee 8/15/12

A New Jail? No Thanks!, Redwood City Patch, 8/14/12

Sheriff’s Department wants to outsource jailing of 512 inmates to Kern County, Daily Breeze 8/13/12

L.A. County wants to jail 500 inmates near Bakersfield, Daily News 8/13/12

California unlikely to meet prison crowding reduction requirement, LA Times 8/12/12

OP-ED: Emily Harris and Bernadette Rabuy: To pass tax, San Mateo must cancel jail, Mercury News 8/8/12

Calif. county jails look to expand, San Francisco Chronicle 8/2/12

Just call it a ‘jail tax,’ protesters tell San Mateo County supervisors about half-cent sales tax proposal, Contra Costa Times 8/1/12

Just call it a ‘jail tax,’ protesters tell San Mateo County supervisors about half-cent sales tax proposal, Mercury News 7/31/12

OP-ED: Prison candor, Daily Journal 7/28/12

CDCR registers last minute opposition to expanding media access to state prisons, Bay View 7/27/12

Grand jury: Electronic monitoring of pretrial inmates can save San Mateo County money and relieve packed jail, Mercury News 7/27/12

Letter: Cancel the jail expansion project, Daily Journal 7/27/12

Editorial: Unfiltered scrutiny of prisons is needed, San Francisco Chronicle 7/26/12

Editorial: STATE: Prison candor, Press-Enterprise 7/24/12

Prisons agency opposes interview bill, SF Chronicle 7/24/12

California prisons object to expanding media access to inmates, Los Angeles Times 7/23/12

Sheriff’s Department considers variety of options to ease jail overcrowding, Daily News 7/22/12

Sheriff’s Department considers variety of options to ease jail overcrowding, Contra Costa Times 7/22/12

Sheriff’s Department considers variety of options to ease jail overcrowding, Pasadena Star News 7/22/12

‘Building jail will add to San Mateo debt’, Press TV 7/14/12

REDWOOD CITY: Local Occupy movement protests against new jail, KTVU 7/14/12

The Pacifica Evening News, 7/10/12 (interview begins at 17:50)

Bad Things Happen in the Dark, Op-ed News 7/3/12

Prison Crisis: Local Solution?, Making Contact 6/26/12

Advocates push for access to inmates and ability to scrutinize institutions, The Final Call 6/19/12

New Bill to Allow Reporters to Interview Prisoners, SF Weekly 6/13/12

Senate Committee on Public Safety votes to lift the media access ban on California prisons, SF Bay View 6/12/12

The Pacifica Evening News, KPFA 6/12/13 (interview starts at 20:45)

Sojourner Truth, KPFK 6/12/13

Legislators Weigh Wider Media Access to Prisoners, KQED 6/11/12

Supes Suggest Light, Airy New Jail Designs, South San Francisco Patch 6/6/12

County ready to plan jail, Daily Journal 6/5/12

Viewpoints: Fear mongers were wrong about prison system’s ‘realignment’, Sacramento Bee 5/29/12

State needs to stop building more prisons, Oakland Tribune LTE 5/23/12

Editorial: Behind the barbed wire of California’s prisons, Los Angeles Times 5/23/12

Is it time to allow in-person inmate interviews again?, KPCC 5/23/12

End vicious cycle of more money for jails and prisons, LTE Sacramento Bee 5/18/12

The Pacifica Evening News, KPFA 5/16/12 (interview begins at 4:45)

Gov. Brown increases prison budget, cuts basic services, SF Bay View 5/14/12

Supes Spend $16.5 Million on New County Jail, Patch 5/10/12

County approves jail contracts, Daily Journal 5/9/12

San Mateo County Approves Funding for New Jail, KQED 5/9/12

San Mateo County supervisors poised to plunk down $16.5 million for initial costs of building new jail, Mercury News 5/8/12

San Mateo County Jail, KQED 5/8/12 (interview at 35 sec)

The Pacifica Evening News,  KPFA 5/7/12 (interview at 30:32 mins)

Corrections’ master plan falls short, Capitol Weekly 5/3/12

CDCR’s “Future of California Corrections” Far-Reaching But Not Far Enough, CA Progress Report 5/2/12

The Pacifica Evening News, 4/25/12

California releases plan to cut billions in prison spending, SF Bay View 4/24/12

Officials announce sweeping overhaul of California prisons, Los Angeles Times 4/24/12

CURB Urges Alternative to Jail Expansion, Topanga Messanger 4/19/12

ACLU is critical of state prison realignment, Los Angeles Times 3/22/12

Black East Palo Alto residents tell stories of their plight at ‘Protest Racism’ rally, Mercury News 3/21/12

Think Outside The Cage, KPFK 3/17/12

California to dish out $602 million for jail construction, KALW News 3/8/12

Community Groups Reject LA County Bid For $100M Grant To Build New Jails, CBS Los Angeles 3/7/12

Demandan gasto social, no cárceles, La Opinión 3/6/12

Opponents of jail expansion protest downtown, Annenberg Radio News 3/6/12

Opposition Grows to Massive LA Jail Expansion, Santa Monica Dispatch 3/5/12

Sheriff Baca may outsource inmates, cut sentences to 15 percent in crowded L.A. county jails, Pasadena Star-News 2/28/12

A night and a morning with Occupy Skid Row, L.A. Activist 2/23/12

Today on Your Call: What’s next for prison reform?, KALW 2/22/12

Prisoners, activists bring attention to US criminal justice system, Free Speech Radio 2/20/12

Fresno jail protesters call for more rehabilitation programs, ABC 2/20/12

Activists Rally at County Jail, KSEE 2/20/12

Civic Circus, Uprising Radio on KPFK 1/31/12

Protesters tell supervisors: more community services, fewer jails, Los Angeles Wave 1/26/12

Demonstrators Denounce Jail Expansion, Park Labrea News- Beverly Press 1/26/12

Avanza plan de más cárceles, La Opinión 1/25/12

Planean más cárceles en California, pese a situación financiera, Prensa Latina 1/25/12

LA County Jail Expansion Met With ‘No New Jails’ Protest (PHOTOS), Huffington Post 1/25/12

Public Officials Talk About Public Safety Realignment, ABC 23 Bakersfield, 1/25/12

Supes Balk at $5.7 Million Jails Report & Want Alternatives to Rebuilding CJ, Witness LA 1/25/12

Hundreds Protest LA County Jail Expansion Plan, CBS Los Angeles 1/24/12

L.A. County Board of Supervisors seek jail alternatives, Daily News 1/24/12

L.A. County Board of Supervisors seek jail alternatives, Contra Costa Time 1/24/12

L.A. County Board of Supervisors seek jail alternatives, Pasadena Star-News 1/24/12

Supervisors seek alternatives to rebuilding Men’s Central Jail
, Daily Breeze 1/24/12

L.A. County supervisors approve jails funding application, LA Times Blog 1/24/12

LA residents with CURB, alliance protest Sheriff Lee Baca’s proposal to expand the county’s jail, Yahoo News 1/24/12

Collateral Damage: Children and Prison Reform in California, Sense and Sensibility 1/20/12

How California’s lifers are dying inside, UK Guardian 1/19/12

Activists Oppose LA County Jail Expansion, Call for Release of Prisoners Instead of More Prisons, Uprising Radio KPFK 1/17/12

Gov. Jerry Brown plans $1 billion in prison cuts, San Francisco Chronicle 1/15/12

Jail Discussion to Continue Beyond Town Hall Meeting, Redwood City Patch 1/12/12

One year later, early release program brings parent inmates home, KALW 1/12/12

Stopping Prison Construction Important First Step: More Reductions in Corrections Spending Needed to Protect Social Services, California Progress Report 1/11/12

The Pacifica Evening News, KPFA 1/6/12 (minutes 20)

California Press on Prison Spending:

Prison plans under scrutiny from ACLU, Record Net 3/22/12

Dispute widens over Sacramento County sheriff’s jail funding priorities, Sacramento Bee 3/22/12

ACLU: Counties focus on jail expansion, not inmate reduction, OC Register 3/21/12

Is Prison Realignment Working In San Diego?, KPBC 3/21/12

ACLU Report Critical Of California’s Prison Realignment Program, CBS San Francisco 3/21/12

ACLU sees opportunities as thousands of criminals flood California counties, KPCC 3/21/12

ACLU issues report on prison, sentencing changes, UT San Diego 3/21/12

New ACLU report on costly realignment – counties ignoring cheaper, better alternatives, Mercury News 3/21/12

Jerry Brown’s California budget slashes $1 billion from prisons, KPCC 1/7/12