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Press Releases:

December 2011: Communities Continue Push for Prison and Jail Moratorium

December 2011: CURB Alliance Announces National Board of Advisors

November 2011: $600 Million More for Jails; $600 Million Less for Education and Health

November 2011: Realignment Used to Push Jail Expansion Across California

October 2011: Organizations Demand No New Jail Beds in Sacramento

September 2011: California Organizations Issue Report Card on County Prisoner Realignment Plans

September 2011: CDCR Plans to Release 4,000 Primary Caregivers from Women’s Prisons

September 2011: Community Organizations Demand Alternatives in Prisoner ‘Realignment’, Confront LA Board of Supervisors

August 2011: 13 States Closing Prisons While California Continues to Build

May 2011: California Organizations Outline Smart, Safe, Prison Population Reduction Strategies

May 2011: Groups Demand Population Reduction Measure Not Costly Jail Construction

News Coverage of CURB:

Leasing Through the Back Door: The Private Financing of “Public” Prisons, Nation of Change 12/31/11

Stop LA Jail Expansion, Save LA County, Ella’s Voice Blog 12/19/11

Realignment: How Not To Do It, the Construction Version, California Correctional Crisis Blog 12/18/11

California Prisons: Does Realignment Mean Reform?, Sense & Sensibility 12/17/11

Stealth Bonds Building New Prisons, CalWatchdog 12/16/11

California Observations, 12/16/11

If Realignment Is an Opportunity Let’s Not Waste It On Building Costly Jail Beds, California Progress Report 11/25/11

Opinion: Is realignment an opportunity? If so, let’s not waste it on building costly jail beds, Capitol Weekly 11/23/11

Three prisoners die in hunger strike related incidents CDCR withholds information from family members, fails to report deaths, SF Bay View 11/18/11

$600 million more for jails; $600 million less for education and health, Press TV 11/17/11

Turning jails into prisons: An open door or bridge to nowhere?, Sign on San Diego 11/17/11

California Needs to Fund Public Education and Social Services, Not Prisons, California Progress Report 11/14/11

Community Leaders Call County’s Realignment Plans an Insult, Black Voice News 11/10/11

California invests millions in new jails to deal with overcrowding, KALW 11/9/11

Many counties fail to learn costly state lessons and still to expand jail capacity, Daily Cal 11/1/11

Groups To Protest Reopening Of County Jail, KFBK Radio 10/31/11

State tells San Mateo County not to bother applying for jail construction funds, Mercury News 10/28/11

Guest speaker to discuss prison overcrowding, OC Register 10/26/11

Inmate realignment also means corrections layoffs, ABC News 10/24/11

Jail expansion: Counties seek millions from state, San Francisco Chronicle 10/24/11

Lack of local services limits prison mom release program, HealthyCal 10/23/11

Prison mental health spending questioned during state budget cuts, ABC 10/21/11

California Can (and Should) Do Better, Just Policy Blog 10/18/11

Editorial: Horsley & Munks Attempt to Shove a New County Jail Down Our Collective Throats, Palo Alto Free Press 10/10/11

San Mateo County brews a fresh idea for new jail, SF Examiner 10/9/11

Many Counties Fail to Learn State Lessons and Continue to Expand Jail in Response to Prisoner Realignment, California Progress Report 10/6/11

San Mateo County supervisors give sheriff the nod to build big jail, Mercury News 10/4/11

Legislation Shifts State Prisoners to Local Jurisdictions, Gilroy Patch 10/4/11

California builds more prisons while other states close theirs, CAIVP 10/4/11

County Gets High Marks in Prisoner-Shift Program, The Watsonville Patch 10/4/11

Here come the Inmates, The Daily Post 10/3/11

San Mateo County’s Realignment Plan Gets an ‘F‘, Bay Citizen 10/1/11

CA Should Regain Its Lead in Setting National Trends and Stop Building New Prisons and Jails, California Progress Report 9/28/11

California’s Three Strikes Reform Advocates Look Hard at 2012 Ballot Measure, Neon Tommy 9/27/11

No money for failed corrections schemes, Letter to the Editor – Contra Costa Times 9/25/11

No money for failed corrections schemes, Letter to the Editor – Mercury News 9/25/11

Don’t fund more jails, Letter to the Editor – Sacramento Bee 9/24/11

Make prevention part of realignment, San Bernardino Sun 9/24/11

California Puts Into Motion Alternative Custody for Incarcerated Moms, COLORLINES 9/20/11

CDCR to release 4,000 primary caregivers from women’s prisons, SF Bay View 9/19/11

Thousands of Parolees to be Released to LA County, KTLA 9/6/11

America’s war on drugs: 40 years, a trillion dollars, and debatable results, KALW 8/24/11

More incarceration is not the answer, San Francisco Bay View 8/22/11

More incarceration is not the answer, Nation of Change 8/21/11

More Incarceration Is Not the Answer, YES! Magazine 8/19/11

California spending billions to build new prisons, San Francisco Chronicle 8/14/11

After the Hunger Strike: Criminal Justice Activist Discusses the Potential Impact of Prisoners’ Action, Alternet 8/8/11

Groups march and rally across California to end Mass Incarceration, Hard Knock Radio on KPFA 6/16/11

Press Conference Marks 40th Anniversary of Nixon Drug War Declaration, Drug War Chronicle 6/16/11

Groups march and rally across California to end the failed 40 year war on drugs, Sojourner Truth Radio, 6/16/11

Building barriers against crime in San Mateo, SF Examiner 6/15/11

40 Years of Drug War Failure, Street Sheet 6/15/11

Elected Officials, VIPs and Grassroots Slam Drug War on 40th Anniversary, Huffington Post 6/14/11

Ruling on prison overcrowding could slam San Mateo county jails, SF Examiner 6/11/11

Viewpoints: Prison edict backlash reveals race bias, Fresno Bee 6/8/11

Applaud High Court, Oakland Tribune 6/7/11

Alameda County prepares for influx of inmates as state reduces prison population, The SF Gate 6/6/11

Alameda County prepares for influx of inmates as state reduces prison population, Oakland North 6/6/11

Viewpoints: Prison edict backlash reveals race bias, Sacramento Bee 6/5/11

Across CA, Jails Not Ready to Relieve Prison Overcrowding, California Progress Report 6/3/11

California Women Prisons: Inmates Face Sexual Abuse, Lack Of Medical Care And Unsanitary Conditions, Hufffington Post 6/3/11

New Opportunities for Real Justice in Calif. Prison Supreme Court Ruling, Alternet 6/2/11

What is the best way to reintegrate prisoners into society?, Your Call – KALW & KUSP 6/2/11

Across CA, Jails Not Ready to Relieve Prison Overcrowding, New America Media 6/2/11

Supreme Court Orders California Prison System to Relieve Overcrowding, Uprising Radio 6/1/11

“Three strikes” foes see hope in ruling, San Diego Union Tribune 5/30/11

Change state prison system, Letter to the Editor – Long Beach Telegram 5/29/11

Court Ruling Puts Three-Strikes Reform Back on Radar, New America Media 5/27/11

Court Ruling Puts Three Strikes Reform Back On Radar, Black Voice News 5/26/11

Fix our prisons: It makes ethical and financial sense, Letter to Editor – San Francisco Chronicle 5/26/11

Shifting the inmates is not enough, Letter to the Editor – San Francisco Chronicle 5/26/11

Rethink crime and punishment, Letter to the Editor – San Francisco Chronicle 5/26/11

Prison Release or Prison Reform?, New America Media 5/25/11

Supreme Court’s Order to Slash CA’s Prison Population Is a Cue to Get Serious About Real Social Investment, Alternet 5/24/11

Supreme Court Upholds Ruling to Reduce California Prison Population, New America Media 5/24/11

Supreme Court rules Calif. must reduce inmates, People’s World 5/24/11

Supreme Court Demands California Release 30,000 Inmates, Colorlines 5/24/11

Local reaction to Supreme Court California prison ruling, ABC Local 5/23/11

State Prisons told to Reduce Overcrowding by 46,000, KIEM TV 5/23/11

Supreme Court upholds ruling to reduce California prison population, Bay View 5/23/11

Supreme Court Upholds Order for California To Cut Prison Population, Drug War Chronicle 5/23/11

The New Jim Crow: Our Role in Incarceration Nation, LA Progressive 5/13/11

Groups demand realignment of priorities in county jails, Bay View 5/4/11

Challenge the criminalization of our youth!, Bay View 5/4/11

Building a Budget for Humanity in California, Street Spirit 4/11

Cut Prison Budget, Letter to the Editor – Fresno Bee 3/17/11

Sentencing Costs too Much, Letter to the Editor – Sacramento Bee 3/16/11

Repression Breeds Resistance: Reflections on 10 Years of the Prison Industrial Complex, Left Turn 3/11/11

California’s Strange View on Prisons, Sacramento Bee 2/7/11

Budget critics suggest alternatives, San Francisco Chronicle 2/2/11

California Press on Prison Spending:

Editorial: L.A. County should be careful on jails, LA Times 11/23/11

Editorial: County should cut U.S. inmates to free up beds, Sacramento Bee 10/29/11

Editorial: Adding jail space should be last resort, Sacramento Bee 10/21/11

Editorial: Are counties up to task of realignment?, Sacramento Bee 10/2/11

Editorial: Santa Clara County could serve as a model for state’s effort to be smarter on crime, Mercury News 10/1/11

Editorial: Plan to release nonviolent women inmates overdue, Fresno Bee 9/16/11

Editorial: Prison release policy will save money, lives, Sacramento Bee 9/16/11

Editorial: Women inmates won’t just be let out, Modesto Bee 9/16/11

Life with parole about a 20-year term, study says, San Francisco Chronicle 9/16/11

Editorial: ‘Parenthood parole’ pitfalls, LA Times 9/14/11

Women’s prisons closures good fiscal, social policy, San Francisco Chronicle 9/13/11

The Prisons, the Universities and California, NBC 9/4/11

Editorial: Prison spending is budget at its dumbest, The Monterey County Herald 9/1/11

Education vs. Prisons: Shifting Priorities, The Bay Citizen 8/30/11

Editorial: Get ready, California counties, here come the inmates, LA Times 8/30/11

Editorial: Young lifers deserve chance for redemption, Sacramento Bee 8/25/11

Contra Costa Times editorial: California should limit the Three Strikes Law, Contra Costa Times 7/27/11

Fiscal and prison overcrowding crises could lead to Three-Strikes reform, Oakland Tribune 7/24/11

Californians would rather ease penalties than pay more for prisons, LA Times 7/21/11

Press-Democrat editorial: Curbing the high cost of three strikes, Press Democrat 7/11/11

Opinion: The Supreme Court Got it Right on Prison Overcrowding in California, Fox News Latino 6/10/11

Mercury News editorial: Three Strikes can’t take credit for less crime, Mercury News 6/8/11

Dan Walters: ‘Three-strikes’ law overblown, study says, Orange County Register 6/6/11

Los Angeles Times editorial: Too costly for prison, Los Angeles Times 5/31/11

Our View: Brown shows courage on prison issues, Merced Sun-Star 5/2/11

Fresno Bee editorial: Other views: Leadership absent from prison budget proposal, Fresno Bee 3/7/11