2015 Press

Press Releases:

November: Community Nominates Formerly Incarcerated Leaders to Prop 47 Committee, as State Officials Vote on $500 Million for New Jails

November: CURB Responds to $500 million for new jail construction

October: New Report Slams States Alarming Trend of Jail Expansion

October: Brown Signs Important Legislation Incarcerated People and their Families

September: LA No More Jails Coalition Demands Investment in Alternatives and an Immediate Halt to the Proposed Women’s Jail

August: No More Jails Action on Tuesday, 8/11/15

July: Despite Building Violations and Harms, Officials Seek to Steamroll Controversial SF Jail

June: Communities Statewide Mobilize to Sacramento, Oppose Funding for Local Jails

June: CURB Responds to Governor’s Aggressive Prison Construction Budget

June: Community Applauds Los Angeles Supervisors Motion to Halt Jail Plan

June: LA Residents Rally Around Healthcare in Jails, Oppose County Jail Plan

May: CA May Revise Backslides into Aggressive Prison Construction, Punting Durable Population Reduction

May: CURB Hails Senator Hancock’s Call to Immediately Close Aging Prison, Demands further Reductions in May Revise

May: Angelenos Protest Jail and Law Enforcement Expansion in County budget 

February: Community Groups to Rally and Mobilize Against New SF Jail

January: Report Released on State Funding Options for LA Jail and Diversion, Advocates call for an immediate halt to new jail and more investment in services

January: Gov. Brown Backslides on Corrections Budget, No Substantial Reductions to the Prison Population Only Costly Expansion

Press Coverage:

SF supes unanimously turn down plan to build new jail, SF Examiner, 12/15/2015

San Francisco Jail Construction Plan Poised for Defeat, KPFA, 12/14/2015

Opposition poised to doom San Francisco’s new jail, SF Examiner, 12/14/2015

All eyes on San Francisco Dec. 15: Tell Supervisors to vote for NO NEW JAIL, SF Bayview, 12/13/15

New Jail Could Be Approved Days Before It’s Rendered Unnecessary, SF Weekly, 12/2/15

Protesters turn out at hearing for proposed SF jail, force committee to go into recess, SF Examiner, 12/2/15

Opponents of New San Francisco Jail Scramble to Head Off Project, KQED, 12/2/15

Opponents of new jail want housing, SF Examiner, 11/17/15

Bay Area Counties Awarded Multi Million Dollar Grant to Fix Worn Down Jail Facilities, NBC Bay Area 11/14/15

Riverside: Coalition Rallies for Alternatives to Jail, The Press Enterprise 11/13/15

Santa Clara and Alameda counties get state funding for new jails, San Jose Mercury News 11/13/15

Money will pay for rehabilitation program in county jails, The Daily Democrat 11/12/15

State Awards $500 Mill for Jail Rehab Programs, Manteca Bulletin 11/12/15

California Funds New Prisons Despite Law to Reduce Inmates, TeleSUR TV 11/12/15

Counties Receive $500M For New Jails, Capital Public Radio 11/12/15

The Pacifica Evening News, Weekdays – November 12, 2015, KPFA 11/12/15

California Awards $500 Million for Rehab Programs in Jails, The Washington Times 11/12/15

State Makes it Official: No Jail Funds Here, RecordNet.com 11/12/15

California Awards $500 Million for Rehab Programs in Jails, KSL.com 11/12/15

San Francisco New Jail Proposal Gets Boost with $80M State Grant, San Francisco Examiner 11/12/15

California Set to Award $500Mill to Jails in 15 Counties, KOLO TV 11/12/15

California Awards $500 Million for Rehab Programs in Jails, The Press Democrat 11/12/15

California Awards $500 Million for Rehab Programs in Jails, SF Gate 11/12/15

California Awards $500 Million for Rehab Programs in Jails, Miami Herald 11/12/15

California Awards $500 Million for Rehab Programs in Jails, Ventura County Star 11/12/15

California Awards $500 Million for Rehab Programs in Jails, The Herald 11/12/15

California Awards $500 Million for Rehab Programs in Jails, Idaho Statesman 11/12/15

Prop. 47 savings shouldn’t go to more funding for jails, Sacramento Bee 11/11/15

Siskiyou Supervisors wary of making new jail decision, The Siskiyou Daily News, 11/11/15

Amid Mass Incarceration Debate, California Jails Get $500M To Expand, Build New Correction Facilities, International Business Times 11/4/15

California Awards $500 Million to Build, Expand Jails, TeleSUR 11/3/15

Alameda County Slated to receive $54 million for Santa Rita Jail Expansion East Bay Express, 11/3/15

CURB Responds to $500 million for new jail construction Highland Community News, 11/3/15

Official say prison reform programs working, but funding uncertain Union Democrat, 10/21/15

Prisoners’ Families Organize to Resist Incarceration and Its Costs TruthOut, 10/18/15

California Spending Billions on New Jails, TeleSUR 10/17/15

Report blasts jail building, Union Democrat 10/16/15

Orange County Blasted For Seeking Jail Expansion Over Alternatives to Incarceration, OC Weekly 10/16/15

Pacifica Evening News, KPFK 10/15/15 (minute 25:33)

UPRISING!, KPFA 10/14/15 (minute 24:10)

California jail system fails mentally ill, Oakland Tribune 9/29/15

Why LA’s $2 Billion Jail Plan is Not a Done Deal, LA Progressive 9/16/15

Alameda County Seeks Santa Rita Jail Expansion, East Bay Express 9/16/15

Bills sent to Gov. Brown will create new felonies, putting more in prison, LA Times 9/11/15

LA County Supervisors move ahead with $2 billion jails plan, LA Times 9/1/15

Sups Vote to move forward with new L.A. jail, treatment facility, My News LA 9/1/15

Activists Rally for No More Jails, but County decides to build bigger one, Laist 8/11/15

Sups Vote takes LA One Step Closer to Jail Replacement, My News LA 8/11/15

LA County will Move 1,000 mentally ill inmates out of jails, LA Times 8/11/15

LA County Supervisors Advance Plan to replace Men’s Central Jail, KPCC 8/11/15

LA Supervisors Vote to move ahead with Construction of New Downtown Jail Facility, CBS Los Angeles 8/11/15

Los Angeles County Approves Construction of New Jails, San Jose Mercury News 8/11/15

Bipartisan Unity on Mass Incarceration: Opportunity or Sidetrack for Movement Building?, Truth Out 7/13/15

Inside California’s Jail Building Boom, The Crime Report 7/2/15

California’s Jail-Building Boom, TheMarshall Project 7/2/15

Inside California’s Jail Building Boom, Huffington Post 7/2/15

Editorial: More reforms needed, Sacramento Bee 5/21/15

CA May Revise Backslides into Aggressive Prison Construction, Punting Population Reduction, IndyBay 5/18/15

The Pacifica Evening News, KPFA 5/15/15 (interview begins at minute 28.00)

加州预算修订案公布关闭诺科监狱计划或暂缓, China Press 5/15/15

Mindful of Prop. 47 sentence reductions, Brown aims to scale back private prisons, LA Times 5/14/15

LA County Supervisor wants to give companies incentives to hire ex-cons, KPCC 5/11/15

Liberated Sisters or Think Outside The Cage, KPFK 5/9/15 (interview begins at minute 23.00)

Incarcerated Women Fight for Human Rights in California’s Prisons, The Real News Network 4/30/15

New Reforms in California Will Reduce its Prison Population, The Real News Network 4/26/15

A durable and sustainable plan: Reducing corrections spending in California, Bayview 3/26/15

No to Prison Industrial Complex: San Francisco’s Trans Community Responds to Brutal Murders, Truthout 2/25/15

Stone bill aims to decrease recidivism, Monterey County Herald 2/23/15

Treatment of Disabled Inmates Violates ADA Regulations: Judge, NBC 2/4/15

The Pacifica Evening News, KPFA 1/30/15 (interview begins at minute 21.30)

Cages Kill-Freedom Rally in Santa Cruz, SF BayView 1/30/15

Children of incarcerated parents say no to a new jail in San Francisco, SF BayView 1/29/15

Advocates call for an immediate halt to new jail and more investment in services, Los Cerritos News 1/15/15

A breakdown of the governor’s budget, Mercury News 1/9/15

Fresno rally urges Gov. Jerry Brown to restore funds for health and human services, Fresno Bee 1/9/15

Gov. Brown’s California budget calls for record $113 billion in spending, Mercury News 1/9/15