Meet our Interns:

LA Team – Diana with our interns Abby and Rosa!

Susan Kim
Organizing and Advocacy Intern – Oakland

Susan is a senior at UC Berkeley, studying Human Geography with a minor in Global Poverty and Practice. As a geography student, she is interested in how capitalism and racism organize society through space, and the particular kinds of spaces, such as prisons, that are created through these processes. Susan’s experience in social justice organizing started with student activism in solidarity with campus workers at UC Berkeley, campaigning for unionized campus positions that provide fair wages and benefits. Last summer, she was a labor organizing intern through the UC Berkeley Labor Center, working with SEIU 1021, a union in Oakland, and EBOC, a non-profit working to help fast food workers win fair wages and a union. During her time at Berkeley, she has completed restorative justice and copwatch trainings and participated in a semester-long seminar on prison abolition. Susan is excited to join CURB as an advocacy intern where she can learn how to use legislative advocacy as a tool for social justice, and contribute, in however small a way, to shrinking the prison-industrial-complex.

Susan can be reached at

Abby Cunniff
Statewide Jail Fights Intern – Los Angeles

Abby is a rising senior at Wesleyan University in Connecticut, majoring in American Studies. She participates in political organizing on campus, particularly with her school’s fossil fuel divestment campaign and the production of a yearly Disorientation Guide. This summer she will be researching for her senior honors thesis about jails and the environment in LA county, so to supplement her research she will be working to create a statewide jail fight outreach document and helping integrate environmental justice work into CURB’s campaigns.

Abby can be reached at

Rosa Gonzalez
Development Intern – Los Angeles

Rosa joined CURB in June 2016, a year after graduating from UC Riverside with a bachelor’s in Sociology. She was born and raised in LA county. At a young age, Rosa has exposure to the harsh realities of environmental racism and police brutality as much of her family dropped out of school and some family members are formerly incarcerated people. These experiences led to her involvement in movements to end mass incarceration and racial injustice. This fall she is looking forward to pursuing a master’s in Urban Sociology at the University of Chicago. Once there she plans to spend most of her time working closely with urban scholars, policymakers, and practitioners at the newly opened Mansueto Institute for Urban Innovation in order to bring better healthcare and education, effective housing policies, and reduced violence in urban communities. She is glad to be able to work with such an inspirational group of people at CURB.

Rosa can be reached at

Interested in interning with CURB?  Consider applying for a position in either our Oakland or Los Angeles office. We have positions available during the Fall, Spring, and Summer. Contact or 213-864-8931 for more information.